Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Is it time to trash your makeup?

   You share the best memories together. When you had the bubblegum pink lips on your first date, the pink tint on your cheeks during hot summer days and don't forget the how you rocked those lashes at your birthday party last year. But ladies lets face it, sometimes you have to go through your hoard of makeup and do a little spring cleaning. Makeup and skincare products past their use-by date can contain bacteria that put your health and beauty at risk! Not only can this affect their application (clumps) it can also affect the outcome of the product. To eliminate these problems, I have created a list of how long you should keep products and when you should toss them.
   Mascara: Although I know it can get expensive, mascara should be repurchased every 3 months. This minimizes bacteria in the tube and clumps from forming. 
   Liquid Liners: Liquid liners should be replaced every 6 months or so to keep from becoming to dry on your eyes and flaking off giving you a strange half-lined eye look.
   Lipgloss: By pumping the wand of your lipgloss to receive the most amount of product, you only embed more bacteria. because if the liquid consistency, lipgloss must be replaced more often than lipstick around every 12 months.
   Lipstick:  Lipstick is a girl's best friend! You can keep lipstick in your collection for 2 years! Dispose of the product though if it becomes dry, changes colors or smells funky!
   Concealer: when to trash concealer depends on the consistency. Liquid concealer can be kept for up to 1 full year while powder concealer can be kept for 2 years.
   Eyeshadow/bronzer/blush/powder: with clean brushes and proper storage, powder based products such as eyeshadow, bronzer, blush and powder can be kept anywhere from 2-3 years.   

Foundation:  Most foundations can last up to 1 year but if you have oily or acne prone skin, it is best to ditch this product every 6 months.  
 Hope you enjoyed! Have fun cleaning out your makeup compilation! Take care!!
XOXO, Sarah C.


  1. We have to admit, we are guilty of hoarding our makeup for a bit too long!! Great and very informative post


  2. This was really useful, I didn't realise lipstick could last so long! x