Monday, June 23, 2014

Hand Luggage Essentials for Brief Flights

Burt's bees Beeswax lip balm smells minty and feels tingly. 

Hand sanitizer is essential on flights since planes are essentially just tin cans filled with germs. 

Gum is the best way too avoid painful ears and bad breath.

A refreshing mist like Caudalie's Beauty Elixir keeps your skin from drying out and perks you up.

Entertainment and a connection with the rest of the planet is a necessity.                                                

This non greasy hand cream is ├╝ber moisturizing and smells ah-mazing!

For the fashion lovers-a great way to tune out that horrid plane noise.

This super yummy non-GMO bunny shaped snack is a great way too keep awkward tummy noises at bay.

A roll on perfume will freshen you up-this one smells like grapefruit!

Warm socks are a must have because my feet ALWAYS get cold on planes.

I have this sweatshirt in grey and white. It's nice and warm without smothering you. It's  currently on sale at J. Crew.

For when you want to feel more glam. You guys know I love these-non sticky, vanilla scented balm/gloss hybrids. A sheer wash of color is all you need.

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