Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The One Where C Likes Mascara

It would appear that I must retract my previous aversion to mascara.
Several months ago I felt the urge to give it a go again which then lead to me buying my very own tube for the very first time, and now I can finally say that I get it!!! The reason this review is so late is because I decided that I would wait until I completely finished the tube to give you the best review possible.  My first tube that was all mine was Maybelline The Rocket, and after getting used the spiky wand, we got on quite well. The formula of this is uber volumizing and the spikes really grip the roots of the lashes-sometimes to well, do your eyes a favor and mind the lash  line which I hurt several times with the little spikes.  This formula also holds a curl nicely. I found that I liked this best with just one coat on the top lashes, then I took my index finger and thumb and would pull on my lashes slightly to rid me of uneven distribution AKA clumps. After that I used my index finger to curl my eyelashes by blinking against my finger-weird I know but eyelash curlers and I don't get on. I am so glad I gave mascara another chance. I love it and wear it very day now. Do you love mascara? Any suggestions?

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