Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Why Autumn Is The Best Season

   School starting is the sign that fall is on the way! It would be a lie if I told you any other season is my favorite. Below, I have compiled my top 10 reasons I am looking forward to fall!
   1) Foliage: Everything is prettier in fall. With the Fall comes beautiful leaves turning from green into a Golden, brown, orange color. My favorite thing to do during the fall is go for a car ride on a road covered with trees and look at the beautiful scenery.
   2) Pumpkin Spic Latte: I look forward to this drink all year. As soon as Starbucks puts the Pumpkin Spice Latte on their menu, it is a sign fall has arrived.
   3) Halloween: Everyone, young or old, loves a good excuse to dress up on this day. And this is the perfect reason to quote Mean Girls.

   4) Pumpkin Butterscotch Muffins: Oh goodness! These muffins are so delicious. I could eat 20 at a tine. Whenever these are made at my house (quite often during the fall season) they are gone within minutes. As gifts, I make these for my friends or teachers fall semester. I blogged the recipe last year so if you are interested in making them click here
   5) Football: I am not a big fan of NFL football but once football season starts at my school, I like to show my spirit. I wear my school sports, color beads, team (temporary) tattoos, and the color coordinating bows. I don't always know what is happening during the game but I still cheer anyways!

   6) Scarves: I love to put on a light weight scarf to keep you warm in the mornings. My favorite color during the fall season is a plum knit scarf because it matched the darker colors in my fall wardrobe. 

   7) Boots: Wether it be Riding Boots, Cowboy Boots, Hunter Boots or Combat boots, all look cute to pair with outfits in the fall.
   8) Thanksgiving: This is a favorite holiday among many because it's when families come together to celebrate each other and eat as much as they can. You have the lovely mashed potatoes, casseroles and corn, the big Smoked Turkey and all of your desserts. Pumpkin pie, Apple pie, Pecan pie, Cheery pie, cookies, brownies, muffins, cake etc. Oh and don't forget the sweet tea ;)

   9) Lauren James Company T-shirts: I love comfy t-shirts and I love comfort colors. This Company combines the too! When I think of fall these T-shirts always pop into my mind. My favorite T-shirt of theirs being the one above which says Put Some Prep In Your Step. I'm not sure if it's the boot on the t-shirt or what but this shirt is just adorable. 
   10) Everything is just better in autumn!
I Hope after reading this post you have fallen in love with fall just as I have!
                                                   Sarah C

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