Thursday, September 4, 2014

Top 10 Signs You're A Beauty Junkie

I'm Caroline and I'm a beauty-holic. "Hi, Caroline." 

For those of us out there who are well and truly addicted to all things beauty, it is easy for things to get out of control.  Today I am counting down the top 10 signs you may have a problem, all of which I am guilty of. 

1. Any time you find yourself with some spare cash you spend hours on beauty websites deciding what products to spend it on. 

2. Sales people drive you insane because you know more about the products than they ever will.  

3. You frequently throw out terms such as "dupe," "color-payoff," "finely-milled," and "acid mantle" much to the disgust of your family and friends. 

4. Your friends know that asking you one question about eyeliner, etc. will cause you to go on an hour long lecture and recommend at least 3 products to them.

5. You have had someone physically restrain you from making another purchase. 

6. You must constantly resist the urge to tell someone they are doing something wrong! 

7. You have been judged/had people comment on the amount of swatches covering you hands and arms. 

8. You mean business in Sephora and consider it a battle-ground in which its every man for himself. 

9.  Your worst enemy is the phrase  Out of Stock.  

10. And, finally, you have looked at stranger's blemishes just wishing you could take some concealer to that. 

But its okay. At least you will look fabulous no matter how crazy. 

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  1. This made me laugh out loud!! The memes you picked are hilarious!!