Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The TMI Tag | No, you aren't seeing double

Guys, I realize that my last post was a bunch of random question and answer and that you are probably sick of it, but because I read S's last post (scroll down and read it guys, she did a great job) I, like everyone else who read it, was tagged. Plus these questions seem like a lot of fun, so just go with it and I promise that we will be gabbing about beauty again soon. :)

The questions

What are you wearing?       Grey cami, blue pajama pants- you know it!!
Ever been in love?               No

Ever had a terrible breakup?      NoHow tall are you?                           5' 9" and 3/4How much do you weigh?              *Cringes*  This is one of the questions I take issue with. Not because I have issues with weight, but because I don't believe that a number should define me or anyone else for that matter. I am a Chosen, Holy, and Beloved child of God. Being ashamed of my body would mean that God had made a mistake. He makes no mistakes.  The number that appears when I step on the scale is between myself and my physician. The same applies to all of you. The fact that I am declining to tell you how much I weigh doesn't mean I struggle with weight- it means I believe I am so much more than a number. Any tattoos?          NoAny piercings?           My ears are double piercedOTP?                      Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters, Ron and Hermione, Mary and Matthew, Sybil and Tom, Sherlock and Molly, Tris and Tobias, Katniss and Peeta, Cher and Josh, Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, Castle and Beckett, Penny and Leonard, Ted and The Mother, Marshall and Lily, Robin and Barney, Fitz and Olivia, Meredith and Derek, Lexie and Mark, Owen and Christina, Chandler and Monica, Ross and Rachel, Favorite show?    I can't choose just one- Sherlock, Downton Abbey, Greys, Scandal, Castle, Miss Marple, Poirot, HIMYM, TBBT, Friends, Will & Grace, Castle
Favorite band?            Can't pick      Something you miss?   Los Angeles, my grandparents, Favorite song?         To Build A Home by The Cinematic Orchestra, Poision & Wine by The Civil Wars, Breathe Me by Sia, Our God by Chris TomlinHow old are you?    TeenagerZodiac sign?   Leo ( August 6th)Quality you look for in a partner?    KindnessFavorite quote?     You will find photos of them scattered about this post. I love a good quote. :) 


Favorite actor? Tom HanksFavorite color?  Purple or Forrest Green loud or soft music? In between, I love alternative Where do you go when your sad?   I go somewhere quiet. i get the urge to eat lots of sugar and buy beauty products How long does it take you to shower?    20 minutes How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?   Over an hourEver been in a physical fight? Yes, with my siblingsTurn on?  Kind, gentle, funny, understanding, Christ lover, someone who loves their mom, nice eyes, helpful, not afraid to show who he is, lanky, a little shy, selfless, comfortingTurn off?    Rude, constantly cursing, excessive tattoos and piercings, judgmental, negative, needy, selfishThe reason you started a blog? I was inspired by other blogs and wanted to share my "knowledge" Fears? A lot- Vomit, dying before I'm ready, divorce, heights, plane crashes, car crashes, roaches, public speaking, embarrassment,  not being able to see what is coming both literally and figuratively, snakes, Last thing that made you cry?  At Good Friday the pastor was speaking of how Jesus died FOR ME and I teared up quite a bit. Last time you said you loved somebody? I actually can't quite remember, sometime over the weekend. With some people I say it very easily, with others its hard for me for reasons I don't know.Meaning behind your blog name? I like alliteration and British SlangLast book you read? Re read Divergent 
  Book your currently reading? Currently re reading The Fault In Our Stars Last show you watched? Miss MarpleLast person you talked to? My ParentsThe relationship between you and the person you last texted? S- My best friend in the whole wide worldFavorite food? A pasta dish my daddy makesPlace you want to visit? LONDON, Amsterdam, Paris, Chicago, New YorkDo you have a crush? YesLast time you were insulted?  uhhhh I can't remember. 
Favorite flavor of sweet?     MintWhat instrument do you play?  I used to play the ViolinFavorite piece of jewelry?    Above knuckle ringsLast sport you played?    Does Ballet count? Last song you sang?     Our God by Chris TomlinFavorite pickup line?    "Hermione, you're a girl..."Have you ever used it?  NoLast time you hang out with anyone?  Last friday Who should answer these questions next?    All of you!!!!

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