Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Chacos review!

   Going through a checklist for my mission trip I noticed the words tennis shoes and comfortable walking sandals. I have old dirty tennis shoes that were bearable to walk in so I checked those off my pack list. I was racking my mind trying to remember if I had comfortable walking sandals. Once I came to the conclusion I had no such pair of shoe, I started looking online. Chaco kept popping up as the number one result in google. I click the website and started to shop. I read about the shoes and fell in love with the idea of them. I only had 1 problem, the price. The pair I wanted were $100! I wasn't sure if I could swing this buy because it was literally a week before I went on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic that I had been saving for all fall.    I talked it over with my parents and we decided it was best to go into REI and try the shoes on, decide if they were comfortable and worth this big chunk of money. Walking up to the Chaco shoe section is a bit intimidating! There are so many patterns, styles and straps. Luckily there was a very kind worker lady who saw the concerned look on my face and decided to help me. I knew I wanted a toe strap so we looked at all the toe strap models they offered (ZX/2 Yampa sandal) . I couldn't decide between the colors light beam or Fiesta. I was around a size 8 with a little growing room. I finally decided on the color Light Beam because it matched with everything!! The lady was very nice and let me walk around the whole store with the shoes on to see if I felt comfortable or not. Within 10 minutes of wearing these shoes I was in love! 
   I walked up to the cash register and gave them my cash. I was so excited to finally own of pair of the famous chacos! I wore that pair everyday for the next week, people probably thought I had no other shoes! Breaking them in was a rough experience, I got tiny blisters on both my feet. I pushed through and finally broke them in before the trip. I am so glad I got chaos and don't know what I would have done on the trip without them! I wore them everyday and in the ocean to protect my feet! Overall, they are worth the money and come in many fun shades and patterns! Now all I need is a Chaco tan!
   Do you like your Chacos? What's your favorite color or pattern? Do you love or hate the toe strap? Tell me in the comments below!

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