Wednesday, April 16, 2014

20 Random Facts About Me

  1. I'm a night owl, its extremely difficult for me to fall asleep before midnight.
  2.  I'm quite fair but my skin has a warm olive undertone.
  3. I am a little bit psychic about small things such as the next few words a person will say, baby gender, and other random things.
  4. I have never left the United States, however; I feel like I have because of modern technology.
  5. When reading a book, watching tv, etc- I find myself wishing I was more like the main character. No matter how messed up or odd they are, I feel the need to be like them as if that will make me stronger or better.
  6. I am very quiet when I am without my friends or family.  I get awkward around people I know I will have to see again such as extended family, classmates I'm unfamiliar with.
  7. I don't have one distinct style in terms of home decor or fashion, I'm very much a combination. One day I'm preppy the next day I'm modern minimalist. The same goes for personality, in other words I am Divergent.
  8. I'm not afraid of being sassy. The urge to make sarcastic comments is almost unavoidable.
  9. My sarcasm should be taken as a compliment, it means I'm comfortable enough to be myself around you. 
  10. I can be extremely negative, one of my constant prayers is that the Lord will help me to see the good in life and to approach each new day with a smile and an open mind.
  11. I hate that feeling of waking up and knowing exactly what your day is going to be like, I need spontaneity and excitement. 
  12. I have gained a lot of confidence and self esteem in the last year. I believe a lot of it is because I am much closer to Christ than I used to be.
  13. I am very good at reading people. I am very perceptive and am quick to pick up on subtext based on tone or behavior.  I am also very good at knowing how someone is feeling and why.
  14. I have been told many times that I have a very expressive face. Does everyone else not do this when taken aback? 
    15.  When someone wrongfully accuses me of something I immediately start yelling.
    16. My favorite types of food are Greek and Italian
    17. I believe in soul mates and true love
    18. I am more than a little obsessed with the British Royal Family- don't even get me started on Kate Middleton.
    19. I love the character of Augustus Waters to the point that I can't re read the ending of The Fault In Our Stars. If you haven't read it, do. JUST DO. 
    20. Put me in a social setting with my best friend and I suddenly gain an extreme amount of confidence. I could not care less what people think of me. When I am with my best friend all I care about is having fun. This can lead to very judgmental looks from strangers, but hey,- I am who I am, and if I want to run around Kroger cooing like a bird, I will. 

    My advice on gaining self confidence? Look around at who you are afraid of judging you. If these people are strangers remember that you are an amazing human being. It is not up to strangers to determine your self worth. If its you classmates you feel uncomfortable around, remember that its your life- no other person's opinion should cause you to hide who you are. Be yourself, it takes guts, but whats more frightening- Showing the world who you are or Hiding your true self away all your life? 

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