Monday, July 28, 2014

Best Beauty Blogs/ Websites

Beauty websites are a definitely my most viewed websites. I'm very particular about what I read. To meet my standards websites/blogs need to be well organized, easy to access, helpful, and I like t o see if the website shares a similar beauty philosophy/view on products as I do. I am an avid blog reader, and once I stumble upon a blog I like, I will be taking notes on, just about, every new post. 

Best Daily Beauty Blog: Vivianna Does Makeup    
 With awesome taste, spot-on recommendations, and an eye for all things beauty, Anna is easily my biggest enabler. Anything that gets a thumbs up from her is almost immediately on my shopping list. Anna incorporates a good mixture of budget and high end items, with high end items being somewhat more featured. Her blog is organized beautifully, and she's very easy to get in touch with. I have sent her an email before and, sure enough, the very next morning I had a satisfying response. She is very good to her readers. Anna's fashion sense and home decor also has me lusting for many new, shiny things. Can you tell I love this girl?

Best Skincare Blog: Caroline Hirons 
Since I have started reading Caroline's blog, I have noticed a huge difference in my skin. My skin is brighter, clearer, and less oily. If I could give on piece of skincare advice to anyone, it would be to go read Caroline's blog. Study it. Live by it. This woman taught me that oily skin still needs moisture, the order in which to carry out a proper skincare routine, and ingredients in skincare that have negative affects on the skin. I have done everything short of bow down to this woman. 

Best Beauty Website: Refinery 29
With slideshows galore, enough DIYs to keep anyone busy, and tips on how to pull off the latest trends Refinery 29 has any beauty junkie covered.  I spend far too much time combing through this website. 

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