Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Julep Maven Experience

Over the last several months I have been subscribed to the Julep Maven beauty box. For those who don't know, this is a monthly box I receive in the mail with Julep items inside. I chose the program that gives me only nail polish as that is what I was interested in. After careful consideration of polish colors, formulas, packaging, the whole schbang really-I have decided that I am not a fan of Julep and here is why: 
1. Lack Of Product: The first thing one notices when looking at a Julep nail polish is how small and slender the bottle is, and how little product there appears to be. Julep nail polishes contain 8 ml per bottle. OPI contains 15 ml per product. Julep costs $14 per bottle, OPI costs $9 and below. That's far more product for far less money. I know Julep isn't a drugstore brand, but thats no excuse for giving me far less than most other brands. For reference here is how much you get per bottle from several other brands: 
Deborah Lippmann-15ml
Average Per Bottle Including OPI= 13 ml 
This is a mixture of both drugstore and department store brands. The cheapest, Revlon retailing at around $5.99, giving us 11.7, and the most expensive, Chanel retailing at $27, giving us 13 ml. C'mon Julep, step it up. 
2. The Application: Because the Julep polishes are sold in such tall, slender bottles, the stem that attaches the cap to the bristles is quite long and wide. This means that the second you finally get that nail looking perfect a giant glob of nail polish has trickled down onto your nail and ruined your masterpiece. 'What on earth am I going to do with all of this polish?' you wonder, horrified.  After forfeiting and leaving it there, you are left with a manicure that takes forever to dry, and most likely chips within a few hours. 
3. Their Customer Service: After hearing all of this you are probably assuming that I have cancelled my Julep Maven subscription, right? Wrong!! After calling Julep to cancel and being fed up with bad hold music I tried emailing them. Two weeks ago. I have yet to here back. I have attempted to contact them to cancel several times. No success. Do yourself a favor and don't become a Maven with Julep. Trust me, its a trap. 

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