Sunday, October 27, 2013

How You Can Help Your Hair

The Top 10 Hair Mistakes You Are Making

1.Shampooing Everyday: Washing your luxurious locks everyday can leave them, well, not so luxurious. All those suds wash away oils that your hair needs to maintain its glossy sheen. Instead, try to get your washing down to 2 or 3 times a week. If you have hair that's extremely thick, like mine, you may even be able to wash once a week.

2.Toweling Off: While wearing that towel turban around the house is convenient, you are actually causing frizz. That absorbent towel material opens up the cuticle, the top most layer of the hair strand. When the cuticle is roughed up your hair gets that frizzy, Mother from A Christmas Story, look. Use a microfiber T-Shirt instead and remember, blot, don't rub!

3.Over Brushing: That's right ladies, all that tugging and shedding can damage your hair. Pulling can create frizz, friction, and even split ends. A word to the wise, put down the Conair and reach for a boar bristle brush. Even one with faux bristles cuts down on friction and is much gentler. Don't brush your hair more than twice a day tops. Counting 100 strokes of brushing, is doing more harm than good. Personally, I often use a comb which causes much less friction. Conditioning tip: keep a comb in the shower to evenly distribute your conditioner. The result is silky, tangle free hair that won't get all fluffy.

4.Brushing wet hair: Please, please, please do not do this. A comb is much gentler on your vulnerable, dripping mane. Trust me, your hair will thank you.

5. Not using a heat protectant: Imagine taking a trip to the beach for a week. You want to leave a little less pasty than you arrived so you decide to lay in the sun all week without sunscreen. Ouch, right? Sunburn is much worse than pale skin. (by the way I love being pale) The same goes for using heat on your hair. By not using a heat protectant you are damaging you hair and will soon be left with unsightly split ends. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of styling your hair?!

6. Using too much gel: this applies for all hair products. Have you ever felt someone else's (or your own) hair and found that it is crunchy? While you or your friend may have been going for a classy, sleek 'do, you have achieved the opposite; an awkward, sticky mess. Go light on thick products.

7. Over Flat Ironing: I can not tell you how much it pains me to see girls with stick straight hair that flares out into fluffy, split ends. Its okay to wear your natural hair, really. Just as washing everyday is detrimental, so is straightening everyday. Even heat protectant can't keep your hair as soft as giving it a few days off.

8. Using The Bobby Pin With The Crimpy Side Up: Not until a year ago did I realize I had been going about it all wrong. Turns out those odd crimps should be closest to your scalp to give you better hold. Try it and be amazed!

9. Washing The Second Your Roots Are Oily: I know it may sound gritty, dusty, and chalky, but dry shampoos are great for day two hair. They provide texture to otherwise slick hair. Trust me, its not as sticky as it sounds. You can even buy them at the drugstore! Next time you are a little too glossy, reach for dry shampoo; not the shower handle.

10.Being Vague With Your Stylist: The next time you are at the salon, don't be afraid to explicitly instruct your stylist what shape, length, and texture you would like your hair to be. Do not simply say you would like to take an inch off, often we underestimate how large an inch is. Show your stylist where you would like it to fall. Do you want to be able to pull it up into a ponytail? Tell them that. The same applies for layering, coloring, and thinning. If you want, bring in a picture. You will leave much happier. 

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