Saturday, May 24, 2014

Summer Church Outfit

   Hey y'all! Church is a big part of my life. Every Sunday I wake up at 7 am to get ready to attend my church. Recently, it has gotten quite hot down in the south so I thought I would share with y'all what I wear (in variation) to church during the summer.
   Dress: During the summer I find it hard to wear shorts to church because 1) You have to make sure they are appropriate and 2) It is quite difficult to dress up shorts. For this reason I find myself usually wearing dresses but also the occasional skirt. My recent favorite dress is a green Ponte- Knit Shift Dress from Old Navy. I purchased this dress for easter and ended up not wearing it so recently I have been trying to get my money's worth out of it. The dress is very comfortable. The material is stretchy and oh so soft! I also like the shape and feel as though the lines complement my body. I purchased a large due to the fact they were out of mediums. In the future, if I purchase this dress in another color, neon pink or dark grey, I would buy a medium. I bought this dress when all Old Navy dresses were $15 but now you can pick this dress up for $18.

   Jewelry: To go along with the dress I like to wear some pearl earrings and a pearl necklace. By no means are my pearls real but when I wear them they make me feel sophisticated and classy. I also purchased a statement necklace from Old Navy recently that had the colors of the dress in it that I like to wear too. Unfortunately I don't have a picture to show y'all but any necklace that has the color green, dark blue or light blue would look spectacular!

   Shoes: I purchased a pair of small heeled shoes from a naturalizer outlet about 2 years ago. These shoes are tan and white and have a gold lining all around the shoe. I bought the shoes at the time because I thought it would be great to have a neutral shoe in my closet. When I first bought the shoes I wore them for one day and had painful blisters that soon followed. I was weary to try these shoes again but they look great with the outfit and give it a nice touch. You could also pair this outfit with some Tory Burch flats, possibly sperrys or even Jack Rodgers. I sadly do not own a pair of Jack Rodgers (yet) but I feel they would make this look very classy. I would personally wear the platinum Jack Rodgers but any would look super cute!
   Hair: Recently I have been wearing my hair like essie button located to the right. My hair is a little bit longer than essie button's and is about an inch below my shoulders ( I recently got it cut). All I do is curl my hair and brush it through to create loose curls that create a sort of beachy wave while still trying to look natural.

   Nails: Recently I have been loving any mint, salmon or lilac colors on my nails so any shade of those colors would look great!

   Purse: I have had my purse FOREVER! This is the longest time I have ever used a purse without changing it out. C actually found it for me at H&M for $36! To the left is a very similar but not exact match of the amazing purse I have in use. I use my purse to carry my glasses, bible, water bottle, notebook, and any makeup for touchups or hygiene essentials. I love the color of the bag because you can use it all year round!!!

I hope you enjoyed my Summer Church Outfit! I obviously tweak things here and there since I can't wear the same thing every week! :) Comment down below what your favorite item for the summer time and church is and I'll talk to y'all later!


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