Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Obsession Overload

   Hello lovlies! With the summer having just begun, I have had more down time to read, watch tv, and shop. I thought today I would share my current obsessions with you so that you may join me in obsessing.
   Seeing Seersucker: Okay, seersucker just might be the death of my bank account! I am obsessed with this pattern. I am am trying to find some inexpensive navy and blue seersucker pants so if any of y'all know where to find some let me know! I think seersucker shorts are oh so cute and seersucker pajama pants are even cuter!!!!
   Monogram madness: I used to be very opposed to monogram. My thoughts were, "do you really have to initial everything to make sure you don't loose it???" I was completely wrong! My aunt bought me a small seersucker pouch with my monogram on it and I was in love. I then proceeded to order a 36 inch wooden monogram that should be coming very soon in the mail (I am so excited) that I am going to paint and hang in my room (pictures to come). I purchased mine at mintjulepmonograms.com I am also looking into a white tank top with my monogram (in an american flag print) on it from the shop DarlinMonograms on Etsy.
   BB Cream: My new favorite skin care routine now includes BB cream! My current favorite is Bare Minerals BB cream. Unfortunately, I am way too pale for the lightest shade they offer. I blend this product into my skin that you don't really notice but I hope to get a rockin tan this year! (which will never happen because I am pale enough to be Edward Cullen's sister)
   Youtubers: I have been scouting youtube for my next favorite youtuber and I have found her!! Her name is Glamourkate08. She has more of a preppy style and is so talented at what she does! She has inspired me to beg my parents to let me create a youtube channel! *Fingers crossed*
   Lovin Lilly: I have recently been obsessed with the spring/ summer lilly prints! Which is your favorite? I really like Watch Out which has cute red light houses on them and Lobstah Rolls with little lobsters!
   Adorable Aviators: I recently picked up a pair of super cute aviators from target! They are rose gold on the front and the sides are a salmon color, my favorite :)
   Since it is summer, I plan to upload once a week if not more! I have a big ballet recital with C tomorrow, wish us luck! If you have any comments, concerns or would like us to get to know you, comment away!

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