Friday, May 30, 2014

May Favorites | May 2014

     As you've probably already guessed, monthly favorites are just one of many new series that will be popping up 'round these parts.
The month of May started out with a lot of extra work and anxiety due to the end of the school year, AP Exams, finals, -you get the gist. I did not have much time to spend testing out a lot of new products, but what I did explore I found quite to my liking. As always all opinions are my own. Non of these products were forced upon me. I either purchased them myself or received them as gifts. So, without further adieu.... 
L'oreal Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold For Color Treated Hair- This hairspray has done the impossible. It has convinced me that using hairspray actually has benefits! I mist this lightly on my locks before curling so that my hair will curl more easily, and after to hold the curl for SO much longer. I do not actually have color treated hair-this is all I could find from the Elnett Satin range at the store- however, I believe this hairspray works just as well in my virgin hair. Despite what the beauty industry leads us to believe, you don't have to have color treated hair to protect your hair from the sun. This hairspray is never crispy and won't leave your hair feeling shellacked. It disappears once you brush through it while, somehow, maintaining your 'do. When researching this product I found an overwhelming amount of users were forced to discontinue use purely because of their inability to tolerate the smell. I was very concerned about this seeing as I am very sensitive to scent,especially aerosols. However, I have had no issue with the smell. It may not be the most pleasant scent, but it doesn't hang around long and it won't stop me from using this great find! 
Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm-This little yellow pot has forced me to put down all other lip balms and bow down to it. I have been trialing this for several months to see if it is, indeed, as good as everyone claims it to be. I am here to tell you that this product lives up to the hype. When I first started using it,I was not sure that it really made my lips any softer than my other lip balms. But, with continued use, I realized that it has accomplished something no other lip balm has for me. My lips don't peel anymore! This is a bit TMI but I bite my bottom lip along the edge all the time-especially when my lips are dry or flaky. This caused my lips to tear, peel, split, leading to the oh so attractive dark gashes where my bottom lip meets my top lip. This lip balm has somehow stopped my lips from getting dry and stopped me from biting them. If that isn't reason enough to buy it again and again-I don't know what is. 
Dior Escale A Portofino Eau de Toilette-Every summer I am reminded of my love for this exquisite perfume. It is unlike anything I have ever smelled before! To me this smells like sunshine. It always reminds me of spending time int the warm sunlight in Los Angeles-one of my favorite places. This perfume is designed to remind wearers of the Mediterranean regions-particularly Portofino,Italy-a lavish city filled with life. This perfume has base notes of orange blossom and cypress, some notes of bitter almond in the middle, and top notes of bergamot and citron. Its like this perfume was made with me in mind! If you love citrus look no further. At the same time the citrus is not at all overpowering and is mellowed by the cool cypress notes which makes it great if you are worried about smelling of Pledge. It might just be my favorite perfume.
Nuxe Reve de Miel Ultra Comfortable Day Cream-Nuxe has a whole family of products within their Reve de Miel range. The range is focused on intense hydration from ingredients such as honey. This day cream is a pleasure to use with its thick, creamy texture and sweet honey smell. While this is a day cream I use this three times a week overnight instead of during the day because my skin is on the more oily side of combination. That being said, this is the thickest moisturizer I have ever used and it has not broken me out. It doesn't feel greasy, but in a similar way to the lip balm you can feel it on your face. I have a sample size I received with the lip balm and I may just have to purchase the full size. 
Bath & Body Works Stress Relief Eucalyptus & Spearmint Candle-All month long this candle has been helping me to relax. The cool scent of eucalyptus combined with the slightly sweet scent of spearmint is extremely refreshing and mind clearing. This candle has amazing throw, meaning the scent fills the room well. I have the old packaging, but Bath & Body Works are still cranking' out this beauty! 
Mary Kay CC Cream-A light, natural, sheeny base-I have been getting a lot of use out of this baby, and its good! At first I was worried that the shade very light(which really isn't very light) would come out to orangey on me as thats how it looks when pumped out on the back of my hand. However, when buffed in with fingers it melts into my skin. Those who are super pale will be too light for this though, and the shade range really is my biggest beef with this product. It does not breakdown on my skin even though I'm somewhat oily. All in all its a great pick for glowy, summer skin.
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara-After recently discovering why everyone and their sister loves mascara so much(more on that later) I decided to give this formula a go. I love this because I find it really buildable with the perfect combination of length and volume. This gives my lashes lots of definition and hold. Another great drugstore find!

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