Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Re-painting My Room!

Original Turquoise paint color
   Due to my love of all things british, I decided to give my room a makeover! Over the summer I found a really good deal on a distressed british flag comforter at Bed Bath and Beyond. I decided to gradually keep adding to my room, finding unique pieces to make my room one of a kind. I formerly had a turquoise color in my room (picture to the right) and came to the conclusion I had to repaint.
Finished white paint
   My parents helped me find a bright white paint (picture to the left) as I felt this color would make my room feel more elegant and clean. I decided I wanted to paint all the walls white and on the farthest wall, paint a british flag. Luckily, my dad loves projects like these and is a handy man! After painting the walls 3 coats of white paint (which took forever to dry!!!), we moved on to the fun part.
   Using painter's tape, we sectioned off where we wanted the red stripes of the flag to go on the wall. Once we got that situated, we went in with the red paint, painting 3 layers on. After that, we went through the same process with the dark blue, painting inside the taped lines. Below is the process and finished product of what my wall looks like now. I want to thank my parents for helping me with this project and you all for letting me share my painting process with you!
Finished red stripes (Excuse the cluttered room)                
In process of painting dark blue stripes

Finished flag with dim lights
Finished flag with overhead lights 

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