Friday, January 10, 2014

Matched, by Ally Condie Review

Hello fellow blog lovers. Long time no see! Over the break I stopped by the library to pick up a quick read. I couldn't find any I was looking for because they were all checked out. In despair, I walked down an isle surrounded by shelves stuffed to the rim with books. I looked over to see the bright green spine of a book titled Matched. I thought why not and checked it out, not expecting much but an easy read.  I am so glad I checked this book out because it engulfed me and I felt as though I was firsthand witnessing the love story told. Below I have written a summary along with who this book would appeal to! Enjoy!!

  In the city Cassia lives in, society tells you where you work, what you eat and who you love. At the matching ceremony where you are assigned who you will spend the rest of your life with, Cassia couldn't be happier, she has been matched to her best friend Xander. Once home, she reviews her micro card with all the info about Xander on it (even though she already knows him like the back of her hand). Suddenly a second face appears on the screen, Ky Markham, the outcast from society. Cassia isn't sure what to do and is worried since Ky's status in society did not allow him to be entered in the matching pool. Slowly cassia finds herself falling in love with the only person society looks down upon. When Cassia thinks life couldn't get any better, her world falls apart. Officials question her family, her relationship with with Xander becomes fragile, and Ky becomes unreachable.

Overall I would rate this book a 4/5. There are some emotional scenes. There are no intense or inappropriate scenes (only the occasional holding hands and first kisses). This dystopian romance novel is perfect for anyone 11 and up!
Have fun reading! Comment any of your favorite books you would like me to read and review.
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