Sunday, November 10, 2013

Braided Headband

   Hey Wellie lovers! Today I am sharing a quick and easy DIY that shouldn't cost you any money whatsoever, the three strand braided headband.
   For supplies all you need is scissors and an old shirt. Using the scissors, cut across the front half bottom of the shirt creating one strip (I used an old white shirt). Repeat twice more to create three strips around the same size. Line up the strips and tie them together at one end. Braid down the strand and finish with another knot. Tie both knots together to fit the size of your head.  These headbands are really comfortable to sleep in or to wear out and are really easy to customize how thick you want them.

These are a few late pictures of my family's pumpkin carving night.   

Pumpkin guts, YUCK!

Flower pumpkin.

A Cyclops, Pirate, Jack and flower pumpkin.

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